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Grand Opening
January 14, 2017
Our official opening is scheduled, it will be on January 14 at 18:00 (GMT-3). And it is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of this great project, with more than 20 countries and an international community. We have a real expectation of + 3,000 players in the premiere. An innovative server in the Lineage 2 business. For those looking for a long-standing quality server, L2 Wars is the place to go! Welcome.

Other News

Some changes and news have been made on the server, check: out:http://forum.l2wars.com/index.php?/topic/689-server-news/
02 February, 2017
The Olympiads started! We will have a period of 14 days, and the first Heros on 14 February. Good luck to everyone :)
01 February, 2017
Sieges Awarded
Next Saturday, January 28 at 18:00 (GMT-3) we will have the first server siege in Giran. The prize for the winning Clan Leader will be $ 70 USD or 280 Golds. We wish everyone good...
21 January, 2017

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