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Grand Opening
January 14, 2017
Our official opening is scheduled, it will be on January 14 at 18:00 (GMT-3). And it is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of this great project, with more than 20 countries and an international community. We have a real expectation of + 3,000 players in the premiere. An innovative server in the Lineage 2 business. For those looking for a long-standing quality server, L2 Wars is the place to go! Welcome.

Other News

Online Server
With more than 2,000 players in our Opening, the server is already considered a success. Join us!
14 January, 2017
OBT Finished
Thanks to all players, no exceptions, who will help us these days the best the server for the better. To these players, make sure that all suggestions and tips have been heard, and...
11 January, 2017
Beta Online
Our Beta Test is online, so test our configurations and files. Any suggestions, criticism or compliment, please use our Forum!
07 January, 2017

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