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OBT Finished
January 11, 2017
Thanks to all players, no exceptions, who will help us these days the best the server for the better. To these players, make sure that all suggestions and tips have been heard, and will be taken into account both now and in the future of the server. And for those who did not log in, make sure you find the best possible setting to play in 2017! Let the Great Opening come, it is this Saturday, January 14 at 18:00 (GMT-3).

Other News

Some changes and news have been made on the server, check: out:http://forum.l2wars.com/index.php?/topic/689-server-news/
02 February, 2017
The Olympiads started! We will have a period of 14 days, and the first Heros on 14 February. Good luck to everyone :)
01 February, 2017
Sieges Awarded
Next Saturday, January 28 at 18:00 (GMT-3) we will have the first server siege in Giran. The prize for the winning Clan Leader will be $ 70 USD or 280 Golds. We wish everyone good...
21 January, 2017

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