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1º   Nahayu 172 pvps
2º   JrFrancox 169 pvps
3º   YanG 160 pvps
4º   Single 156 pvps
5º   Thenchin 147 pvps
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1º   Dsasad 244 pks
2º   IluminatiSupremo 181 pks
3º   Thenchin 179 pks
4º   JrFrancox 175 pks
5º   Atena 118 pks
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Grand Olympiad

Below are displayed all players who are or already been heroes.
This ranking was updated in 18/01/2017 at 03:53:52.

Pos Name Class Clan
Power -
EuMesmoO Mystic Muse -
TomaAguaCaralho Mystic Muse mL
Laster Mystic Muse -
lNeTo Mystic Muse mL
Damui Mystic Muse mL
FB Mystic Muse ComandoVermelho
Janna Mystic Muse KarmaBoyz
Speelsinger Mystic Muse PoKeMoN
ImNotZin Mystic Muse pkmgroup
10º Purin Mystic Muse ComandoVermelho
11º Gambler Mystic Muse ComeBackisReal
12º TriPe Mystic Muse ComandoBabiloniA
13º PoKeMoN Mystic Muse pkmgroup
14º D1 Mystic Muse -
15º MTC Mystic Muse pkmgroup
16º MallayLokO Mystic Muse PoKeMoN
17º Psycho Mystic Muse PoKeMoN
18º aPaz Mystic Muse PoKeMoN
19º Hysoka Mystic Muse PoKeMoN
20º BrancaDeNeve Mystic Muse ComandoVermelho
21º KOPKyHOB Mystic Muse ComeBackisReal
22º lxcvs Mystic Muse PoKeMoN
Ujoja Soultaker -
MyAccount Soultaker ComandoBabiloniA
RaulMaciel Soultaker mL
Sk1nzor Soultaker -
Jezebel Soultaker -
M3str3 Soultaker mL
MikeTyson Soultaker ComeBackisReal
Morfeu Elemental Master mL
Chew Elemental Master KarmaBoyz
PotoqueDaVizinha Elemental Master PoKeMoN
Simpson Cardinal PoKeMoN
Vinicius Cardinal PoKeMoN
BillyBob Cardinal ComandoBabiloniA
ShaeN Cardinal -
MagnuM Cardinal mL
Darkanivan Cardinal mL
RoTaX Cardinal mL
AnyRand Cardinal ComandoBabiloniA
SATANAS Cardinal mL
10º Lucilia Cardinal PoKeMoN
11º Newba Cardinal 2village
12º zHero Cardinal KarmaBoyz
JasonStatham Dominator KarmaBoyz
Thenchin Dominator mL
HattoriHanzo Dominator mL
Kindzaza Dominator -
CLIP Dominator ComandoVermelho
LampiaoBoladao Archmage mL
Zhion Archmage KarmaBoyz
Annie Archmage pkmgroup
SpOnja Adventurer Insurrection
DeadShot Phoenix Knight ComandoBabiloniA
Nalber Arcana Lord PoKeMoN
Legacy Ghost Sentinel PoKeMoN
ZeraTuR Ghost Sentinel mL
Lady Fortune Seeker MochilasAsesinas
hellorabbit Titan ComeBackisReal
GengisKhan Titan PoKeMoN
iGoooGle Titan KarmaBoyz
Vain Sagittarius -
Nebojsa Storm Screamer KarmaBoyz
RavOk Dreadnought mL
Covluck Doomcryer Commandos
Teninho Eva Templar PoKeMoN

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