Description Game Server - HF | L2WARS.COM x800

⚜️ General information about the server:
Server rates: EXP/SP: x800, Adena: x300, Drop: x1, Spoil: x5, Epaulettes: x300.
Server Chronicles: Lineage II High Five part 5 with an addendum.
Server Features: Reward System and VIPBonus System.

🏹 Information about Sharpening and Attribute:
Maximum Sharpening level -Armor/Costume Jewelry: +16, Weapons: +18.
Chance of sharpening weapons and armor/jewelry: 60%, Safe sharpening: +5.
Maximum attribute insertion level: Level 7.
The chance of inserting an attribute - Stone: 50%, Crystal: 30%.

👑 Information about the events held:
Number of available automatic events: 5.
List of available events: LastHero, TvT, CTF, Korean Style, DM.
Event times: LastHero: 00:00-12:00, TvT: 01:00-13:00, CTF: 03:00-15:00, Korean Style: 05:00-17:00, DM: 08:00-20:00.
Restrictions on registration from multiple windows: Enabled.

⚔️ Information on professions, nobility and sub class:
The cost of obtaining professions: The first profession: 10k Aden, Second profession: 1kk Aden, the third profession: 5kk Aden.
Bonus when getting a third profession: 70kk Aden.
Maximum sub class level: 80.
Maximum number of sub classes: 3.
Starting level of the subclass: 40.
Getting a sub class: No quest.
The cost of nobility in the Community Board: 1 Coin of Luck.

🛡️ Information about the Olympiad:
Time of the Olympiad: from 18.00 to 00.00.
The period of the Olympiad: 14 days.
The duration of the fight at the Olympics: 5 minutes.
The ability to quickly teleport to the stadium: Enabled.
Minimum number of players to teleport to the stadium: Class: 11 players, Extracurricular: 2 players, Group: 6 players.
Checking for cheating points at the Olympics: Enabled.

🤴 Information when creating a character:
Starting level: 40.
Place of appearance: Gludin.
Initial equip: When created, a special temporary costume jewelry, armor corresponding to the level of the character and a cloak are issued.
The amount of adena when creating a character: 20kk Aden.

🔱 Information about clans:
When creating a clan: level 5.
To declare war on the clan requires: 15 members in the clan.
Penalty for leaving the clan: 24 hours.
Penalty for banishment from the clan: 24 hours.
Number of members in the alliance: 3.
Restrictions on the number of members in the clan: No.

🪙 Information about the server Currency:
Number of currencies on the server: 4.
Currency description: Adena is the standard currency of the server, Coin of Luck is the donat currency, Festival Adena is the farm currency, Event - Golden Apiga is the event currency.

👿 Information about Epic Bosses:
Antaras respawn time: 8 days, 20 minutes delay when appearing.
Valakas respawn time: 11 days, 20 minutes delay when appearing.
Bayum respawn time: 5 days.
Respawn time of the Queen of Ants: 24 hours.
Orphen respawn time: 3 days.
Respawn time of the Core: 2 days.
Beleth respawn time: 8 days.
Number of players to enter Beleth: 36.

The information can be either supplemented or changed as new information becomes available. Otherwise, at the moment the information on the server is up-to-date. Have a nice time!

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