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Service rules L2WARS.COM

Portal L2WARS.COM (hereinafter referred to as the Service) was created on the personal initiative of a group of people, professionals in the field of Internet technologies and fans of the Lineage game (hereinafter referred to as the Administration), provides access to you (an individual, hereinafter referred to as the Player) to the Lineage 2 JAVA server emulator of the non-commercial version of the Lineage II game (hereinafter referred to as the Game). The servers are based on the High Five chronicles, created and designed for those who want to get acquainted with the game. If you want to play the full official version of Lineage II, you should visit the official server lineage2.com. All rights to the Game client and the software used by the Player belong to NCsoft.

From the moment of confirmation of registration, you automatically agree to these rules. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from responsibility for their violations. If you do not agree with any point of the rules of the Service, you must refuse to play on the servers of the portal L2WARS.COM

General provisions
1.1 All accounts, as well as all their contents, are the property of the project.
1.2 The responsibility is always borne by the Player who registered the account, regardless of who committed illegal actions under this account.
1.3 It is prohibited to transfer account data to third parties, otherwise the administration is not responsible for the safety of game values.
1.4 The Administration is not responsible for cases of causing any damage as a result of playing on the project.
1.5 The Administration reserves the right to make any changes on the servers and the site without prior notice to the Player.
1.6 The Administration never interferes with the gameplay, except in cases of violation of the rules, scheduled events or ongoing work.
1.7 In case of a violation of the rules, the Administration has the right at any time, without explanation, to close access to the Service to a specific Player or group of Players, as well as block access to the Service by IP or subnet.

2. Interaction with the Administration
2.1 It is prohibited to publish conversations with a representative of the Administration, or their contents without prior approval.
Punishment: account blocking.
2.2 It is forbidden to spread rumors, slander about the Service and the Administration.
Punishment: account blocking, until the account is deleted.

3. Chat conversations
3.1 It is forbidden to flood in the general game chat.
Punishment: prison from 30 minutes.
3.2 Threats in any form towards the Service Players, as well as any manifestations of racism or nationalism are prohibited.
Punishment: up to the deletion of the account.
3.3 It is prohibited to insult parents (Family) in any form, whether direct or indirect manifestations of disrespect towards the parents of one of the Service Players.
Punishment:First time 180 minutes Ban chat.The second violation of a person's ban account.The third violation is a ban on hardware.
3.4 It is prohibited to use obscene language and insult other Players in all chat rooms of the game.
Punishment: prison from 2 hours.
3.5 It is prohibited to use obscene expressions and insult other Players in the game's hiro chat.
Punishment: deprivation of hero status, prison from 24 hours to account blocking.
3.6 Explicit or indirect advertising of other online projects is prohibited.
Punishment: deletion of the game account, at least 5 hours of ban chat
3.7 It is forbidden to impersonate the Administration or an authorized representative of the Administration, as well as to create characters with names similar to representatives of the Administration, in which the phrases GM, ADM or Admin are present.
Punishment: deletion of all game accounts.
3.8 Insulting administrations.
Punishment: account blocking.

4. Exchange and trading
4.1 It is prohibited to exchange, or sell or buy for real money, as well as equivalent "electronic means of payment" (WebMoney, Yandex Money, etc.), any game items (adena, weapons, armor, resources, etc.). The sale of game characters and / or accounts is prohibited in any form, for any game and non-game values. It is forbidden to mention or discuss such transactions in the game, as well as on third-party resources.

4.2 Trading through third-party programs (ISQ, skype, etc.) is prohibited.

Punishment: until all game accounts are deleted.

4.3. Transactions in which the game account is the product and the game currency is the payment are prohibited.

Punishment: ban chat / ban/ eternal prison/deleting things/ deleting a game account

5. The use of errors, shortcomings, cheating programs
5.1 It is prohibited to use software (software) that emulates the presence of a Player in the game (bots). It is forbidden to mention or discuss this software both in the game and on third-party resources.
Punishment: account blocking.
5.2 It is prohibited to use software (hereinafter referred to as software) that changes the client or replaces it, as well as software that changes or facilitates the gameplay by non-gaming methods. Such software includes programs showing data about another character not provided for by the Service settings (For example: showing the LVL of another player and /or HP/MP goals), as well as programs using errors and shortcomings of the game, including dropping the target from the player, temporary discount, cloning things, etc. It is forbidden to mention or discuss this software both in the game and on third-party resources.
Punishment: deletion of all game accounts.
5.3 Unauthorized access to other people's accounts for the purpose of stealing the Player's virtual property is prohibited.
Punishment: deleting all game accounts and blocking access by IP.
5.4 It is forbidden to use server errors (bugs). If a Player knows about an error– he is obliged to immediately notify the Administration about it.
Punishment: Blocking of all game accounts, up to hardware blocking, and access to the game project.

6. Other
6.1 If a Player commits an act that clearly damages other Players, the gameplay, the site, but is not explicitly stipulated in the rules, the Administration has the right to impose a punishment adequate to the committed act (up to blocking by IP and deleting all accounts of the violator in the game).
6.2 In case of repeated violation of the same rule by the Player, the penalty period is determined at the discretion of the Administration, but not lower than the maximum penalty for violation of this rule. In addition, with frequent repetitions of violations of the rules, the Administration has the right to extend the period at will, up to deleting accounts and blocking by IP.
6.3. For an attempt to sell/buy for non-game values, the player receives a Hwid lock.

6.4. It is forbidden to hold events on the part of players under the RC Skype communication facility, etc. - only game chat (except hero chat)

6.5. Any changes in the patch that mislead players are punishable by a permanent ban!

6.6. It is forbidden to write in the chat "DISTRIBUTION of CLOTHES", and similar messages, to hold all kinds of events, events that the purpose of which is to gather players in one place is punishable by prison, if repeated attempts are banned by hardware and account!

6.7. It is prohibited to prevent other players from gaining access to the NPC in any way

7. If PK is massively aimed at beginners who are trying to develop, for example: in teleport locations, in popular farm locations, the administration has the right to block players' access to game resources.

8 It is forbidden due to collusion with players to wind up PvP, PK and other counters

- it is forbidden to wind up bonus coins for voting in server rating systems

- it is forbidden to hold casinos and similar events
Punishment: blocking of all accounts

9. The administration has the right to make decisions not specified in the server rules.

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